Coffeeberry® Brand coffee fruit is an all-natural and highly-studied material.

Our exclusive NeuroFactor™ material is a unique extract of Coffeeberry® Brand coffee fruit. In two clinical studies, NeuroFactor™ has been shown to significantly stimulate BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), a protein responsible for the development, differentiation, and protection of neurons in the central and peripheral nervous system and strongly implicated in cognitive and mental health. In the same studies, no significant increase in BDNF was seen in subjects taking brewing coffee, green coffee bean extract, natural coffee caffeine, grape seed extract, or chlorogenic acid.

Clinical and Functional of NeuroFactor™ is ongoing. Check back for the latest results of current and future studies, and please contact us if you require the full studies or have specific questions.

Press Releases

01-12-15: FutureCeuticals, Inc. Coffeeberry® Coffee Fruit Extract is Non-GMO Project Certified and Verified

11-11-14: Coffee Fruit Patents in Japan Issued to FutureCeuticals, Inc.

12-12-13: Three Coffee Fruit Patents Issued to FutureCeuticals, Inc.